Coverage Types

Below are explanations of some of the basic coverages found on most auto insurance policies. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the Genesee Valley Agency if you have any questions or need further information about any of these coverage types.



Liability coverage protects you (and anyone driving your car with your permission) in the event of an accident where you are found negligent or otherwise at fault. This coverage will make payments on your behalf to an injured third-party or for damage to the property of others. Even if you hold full liability for the accident, this coverage protects your personal assets from being seized. By having this coverage, you can protect yourself in the event of a third-party seeking compensation. A single moment in time can be the difference between an auto accident and a safe journey, so keep yourself protected if the onus falls on you. We understand that accidents happen, and we want to keep you safe if unfortunate circumstances lead to an incident.

We can’t always control the consequences, but we can control the outcome. If you’d like more information about liability coverage, we can always be reached for further comment.

No-Fault Benefits-Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

No-Fault, also called Personal Injury Protection (PIP), pays, regardless of who is at fault or whether there was any negligence, for economic losses (meaning medical/health expenses, lost earnings, and certain other reasonable and necessary expenses related to injuries sustained) to the driver and all passengers injured in your car as well as any pedestrians injured by your car. This is important in order to pay medical bills, make up for hospital time, and keep you functional if an accident were to occur. It also covers injured pedestrians, keeping you safe from personal liability.


You never know when a split-second decision can cause an automobile accident, but you can cover yourself for when the worst happens. PIP can keep you afloat if an accident leaves you hurting, giving you time to heal and readjust back to normal life. Without it, you not only lose time and earnings, but you also may end up paying for your own recovery from your personal accounts. The Genesee Valley Agency can help you with this type of coverage by answering any of your questions or finding some viable options for you.


Uninsured & Underinsured Liability

This coverage provides bodily injury protection for you, all family members who reside in your household, and occupants of your car, in the event you or they are injured as the result of negligent actions by an uninsured or underinsured vehicle or hit-and-run motorist. This coverage allows you and your family to recover in peace should you be hit with an unexpected automobile accident. With this coverage, you can seek compensation if the party at fault doesn’t have insurance to pay you or if they flee after the accident occurs. You can’t control what other people do on the road, and negligence from another driver can very easily affect you and your family. And the fact is that some drivers can’t or don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.

Rather than having to cover your expenses by yourself, uninsured and underinsured liability coverage takes care of you when the party at fault can’t. Don’t gamble on the person who hit you having the means to help you with compensation. Protect yourself and your family from negligent drivers and insurance holders. Get in touch with the Genesee Valley Agency to learn more.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for damage to your car caused by a collision with another car or any other object or your car overturning. Collision coverage is subject to the deductible shown on your auto insurance policy. With this type of coverage, you are able to pay for repairs when an accident occurs. Automobile costs can be steep, but collision coverage can help when times are tough.

No one knows when they might experience an accident, but we do know that you can be prepared. At the Genesee Valley Agency, we hope that you never have to use your insurance, but you certainly will appreciate the peace of mind that it offers. It’s always best to be prepared, and our team can help you with all of the details.


Comprehensive (Other than Collision) Coverage

Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car from all causes, other than collision, such as theft, fire, flood, windstorm, glass breakage, vandalism, hitting or being hit by an animal, or by falling or flying objects. Natural disasters happen all the time, and this coverage protects you from having to pay out of your own pocket when the unexpected occurs.

Apart from automobile accidents, there are many other ways that your car can be damaged. It doesn’t make sense to get insurance for each individual cause, but comprehensive coverage takes care of them all. Whether the issue is caused by a person, an animal, or the weather, you can rest easy knowing that comprehensive coverage has your back no matter what the cause.

Get In Touch For More Information About Auto Insurance

Your car is an investment, and every investment needs to be taken care of. Because of how often you use your vehicle, the risks for damages are higher than you may expect, and auto insurance can take some of the pressure off. The Genesee Valley Agency can help you find the right coverage for your individual needs, so contact us today for guidance. We will walk you through the different available options and suggest some of the most popular plans for people in similar situations. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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