What Vehicles in New York Can be Covered by Recreational Insurance

Life is more fun when you have a recreational vehicle, but if you are using one, you want to do it right. The safest way to enjoy recreational vehicles is with recreational insurance. There are a number of types of vehicles this insurance will cover. 

At Genesee Valley Agency serving Arkport, NY, we want you to enjoy your recreational vehicles and feel safe as you do so. Learn more about the types of vehicles that we can help you to insure.

What is a Recreational Vehicle?

There are a number of different vehicles identified as recreational vehicles by insurance companies. Boats, RVs such as motorhomes and campers, watercrafts such as a jet-ski or seadoo, and ATVs are the most commonly insured vehicles. Jet-skis and seadoos are commonly covered under home insurance, but if you use them a lot or use them commercially, you will need a different kind of insurance.

ATVs that are used as off-road vehicles on your own property and nowhere else are not required to be insured or even plated. If you plan on using them as a vehicle for transportation, you will need to have insurance. For these vehicles it is always best to have liability insurance on them anyway. They are known to present safety risks and you want to be covered for any unintentional property loss or bodily injury.

Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance is the most common kind of recreational vehicle insurance. Motorhomes come in a unique set of classes, depending on their size, and whether they have an engine. 

When you have a motorhome, you will start with the same protection that you would have for car insurance, such as liabilities. 

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