Does Flood Insurance Pay For Damage To Personal Belongings?

Many people aren’t clear on what protection is offered by flood insurance. This government program is designed to reduce the risk of loss due to damages caused by flooding due to storms or other types of flooding in an area. This type of insurance can be required if the person lives in a high-risk area. The insurance protects your home, but you may be wondering if it also helps homeowners replace their personal belongings.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a great idea to have, especially if you live near a coastal or low-lying area, but you may also want to get this coverage if you live near a dam or river. Even though they may not flood often, there is still a risk. Some homeowners lose everything when these rare events occur. The good news is that flood insurance usually helps pay to replace personal belongings such as clothing and furniture. Before purchasing a home, you should speak with an agent to determine what types of flooding risks are present in your area. Even if you already have insurance coverage in place, you may want to consider purchasing flood insurance too.

Reputable Insurance Agencies

Most reputable insurance agencies will also offer flood insurance coverage, such as Genesee Valley Agency, serving Arkport, NY. If you are interested in this type of insurance protection, you should work with an agent to determine your risks and any stipulations or time frame restrictions to be aware of before making a purchase. For example, it usually takes 30 days for the policy to take effect, which is important to know during peak season for storms and tropical activity. 

Protect the important things and help prevent loss associated with flooding-related events with flood insurance. If you live around the Arkport, NY area, call or stop by Genesee Valley Agency today to learn more and speak with an agent.