When to Consider Umbrella Insurance

Making decisions about your insurance coverage is a challenge in maintaining the balance between protecting yourself from the fallout of an accident and making the most out of your hard-earned money. Genesee Valley Agency recommends regularly evaluating your insurance needs, but you should take extra time considering umbrella insurance coverage in the following situations.

When You Have Hazards on Your Property

Anything on your property that could potentially cause harm is a liability risk. Swimming pools are one of the most common hazards, and the typical homeowners’ policy will be overwhelmed if someone were to have an accident related to it where you were deemed liable. Umbrella insurance comes into play after your homeowners’ insurance to greatly expand your coverage limit in such a scenario.

When Your Kids Learn to Drive

Automobiles carry enough risk that they require their own insurance, and teenagers have their own unique set of risks. Mixing them together is a recipe for thousands in damages even from a small accident in a small town like Arkport NY. If they cause a major accident, umbrella coverage will provide additional funds to cover the damage.

When You Have a Dog

Even a small or friendly dog can bite, and a warning sign on your property does not absolve you of liability if they attack. An animal trained to protect can cause serious injury or death if they accidentally register an allowed person as a threat.

When You’re Worried About Your Coverage

We at Genesee Valley Agency in Arkport, NY know that the world is a volatile place, and any peace of mind can make life more enjoyable. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about umbrella insurance, how it can protect you, and your available provider options.