Why You Need Motorcycle Coverage

Do you own a motorcycle but are trying to get by without coverage? We at Genesee Valley Agency know how big of a mistake that is for Arkport, NY bikers. Below, you’ll find out why you need this type of coverage and the ways that it can help you if you get into any serious crash.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is Wise

If you ride a bike regularly, you know that it can be a somewhat frightening situation. That’s part of the excitement: you never know when you might crash. However, that excitement is also a serious issue if you do get into a crash and may affect your bottom line. Here are three ways your motorcycle insurance policy can help you:

  • Pay for Medical Bills – If you get into a solo accident on your bike, you’re going to experience quite a bit of pain and suffering. Thankfully, your insurance (if you put on the proper rider) will pay for many of these bills and minimize your financial struggle, keeping you safe.
  • Minimize Legal Problems – Are you afraid of crashing into another person and causing a serious legal situation? That fear is understandable because it can be very expensive to pay for these costs. Thankfully, your liability protection will keep you from experiencing too many issues.

Pay to Repair Your Bike – Repairing or replacing your bike after an accident can be a costly process. Thankfully, your insurance policy will pay to repair your bike or get you a new one if your old one is too damaged to trust.

Give Us a Chance to Protect You

As you can see, motorcycle insurance can help to protect you from many problems. So if you’re interested in these policies and want to keep your bike safe, please contact us at Genesee Valley Agency to learn more. We proudly serve the Arkport, NY, area.