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New York Classic Car Insurance Coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in New York

Owners of classic cars need to understand their options when it comes to insuring their vehicle. In numerous ways, insuring a classic car in New York is different from insuring a standard car. Classic car insurance policies are one of the types of policies that we offer at Genesee Valley Agency.

It's crucial for you to research classic car insurance before insuring your classic or antique vehicle. There are quite a few different types of classic car insurance, so you need to find out which insurance type applies to your particular vehicle.

One of the main differences between standard car insurance and classic car insurance is that classic car policies usually offer an agreed-upon coverage amount. On the other hand, standard auto insurance policies generally provide coverage based on the current cash value, including any depreciation of the insured vehicle. Classic car policies exhibit this difference because determining classic car value is a little more complicated than determining the value of a standard car.

With classic car insurance, you can fund special restoration needs if your classic car is damaged in any way. Restoration on a classic vehicle can be significantly more expensive than repairs on a standard vehicle.

The following are some of the main types of collector auto insurance you should explore to find the best option:

  • Classic car insurance
  • Antique car insurance
  • Modified car insurance
  • Kit car and replica insurance

It's also worth noting that you might be able to save some money on classic car insurance because you probably don't drive your classic car as much as you would a standard car. Auto insurance providers generally charge less to cover a vehicle if it is not driven daily.

If you have questions about insuring your classic car in Arkport, Caledonia, Odessa, Avoca, Dansville, Wayland, Candor, or surrounding areas, we can help at Genesee Valley Agency. We are a New York insurance provider with numerous insurance options for classic car owners. Call us today to learn more!


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